Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ancient Sky T.R.I.P.S. now streaming on bandcamp! LP coming 1/10/12

Ancient Sky's second LP, T.R.I.P.S. (, rips harder and dives deeper into the swirling psychedelic abyss hinted at on their self-titled debut. The bluesy, stoner riffs are less abundant, clearing room for some long, slow burning jams and tight rock songs that leap suddenly from beneath a thick layer of delay and feedback like so many gators in a foggy swamp.

Loud Baby is proud to bring you this awesome psychedelic statement on 150 gram black vinyl 1/10/12. Look for a pre-order in the coming weeks on this very website and on the band's bandcamp.


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  1. wow this rules. love the longer jams, snow in the cemetery rules. looking forward to the vinyl.